Feb 14, 2020


Tracking the Pet Tech Industry


Interview with Whistle CEO Collette Bunton 
(pet trackers)

In an interview with Inc Magazine, Collette Bunton mentions that the 60 employee Whistle Labs has experienced consistent double-digit revenue growth rates since the company’s founding. Estimates put annual revenue between $30 – $39 million. 

Lemonade to Offer Pet Insurance
(pet services)

Insurtech company Lemonade, a popular rental insurance startup, plans to enter the pet insurance market later this year. Lemonade came on the scene in 2015 using artificial intelligence and chatbots to sell insurance policies on its website.  Lemonade has secured over $720 million in funding since it’s founding.

Dogo Training App Accepted into Leap Studio Startup Program (apps)

Berlin-based Dogo, a mobile training app maker, was one of the pet startups accepted into the Leap Venture Studio Academy.  Leap is a Mars Pet Health-backed incubator that provides seed funding and mentorship for pet startups. Six other (non-tech) pet companies were also accepted into the program for 2020.

Petcare Innovation Summit includes Several Pet Tech Statups (industry)

Kisaco Research, the producer of the Petcare Innovation Summit events has announced the list of 12 “Best in Show” companies for the 2020 Summit in London.

Included in the list of 12 are several pet tech startups:

Buddy Pet Foods – monthly pet food delivery subscription
Barketplace – dog training app
Different Dog – monthly pet food delivery subscription
Rocketo – monthly pet food delivery subscription
Tailwise – app to connect prospective pet owners with ethical breeders
WufWuf – UK monthly subscription box for dogs


2018 US Pet Supplies Spending $19.8 Billion

John Gibbons, AKA The Pet Business Professor, reported that the US spending on pet supplies hit $19.8 billion in 2018. The pet tech industry is primarily a subset of the pet supplies category, which is made up of items such as beds, leashes, collars and other products (and which excludes pet food.)