Smart Feeders

Smart feeders are pet food dispensers that use technology to disburse food to a dog or a cat.

Petnet and Petsafe make the two most popular smart feeders on the market. Both of these devices allow you to control your pet’s portion and feeding time from your smart phone.

The WoPet, Feed & Go and Serve Smart have the above features but also come with a video camera to allow you to view your pet at mealtime.

The LeBistro and Lusmo are cheaper options that don’t connect to an app on your phone.  Instead, you can program these feeders directly on the device.

Name  Who For Food Type Holds Notes
Petnet dogs, cats dry  5 – 7 pounds of food App lets you feed and monitor pet meals
Petsafe Smart Feed dogs, cats dry, moist, water 24 cups food; 5 cups water App lets you feed and monitor pet meals
Aspen Pet Lebistro dogs, cats dry 18 cups or 30 cups LCD screen, but not connected to an app
WoPet v36 dogs, cats dry 17 cups HD camera with night vision, two way audio
Feed & Go dogs, cats dry 45 cups (90 meals) Webcam allows you to view your pet. App lets you set feed times
Petwant dogs, cats dry, moist Contains 5 compartments for food.  Digital display, but not connected to an app
Catspad cats dry, moist, water  tbd A smart feeder and water bowl specifically for cats. Control through an app on your smart phone. In beta testing and taking pre-orders (July 2018)
Lusmo small dogs, cats dry  1000 grams Programmable, but no app
SureFeed cats, small dogs dry Feeder opens only for pet with correct microchip or RFID collar.  No connection to smart app
Serve Smart Feeder dogs, cats dry Smart feeder with video and 2-way audio
Pawbo Spring dogs, cats water  3 liters of water  Smart water dispenser that tracks water intake and send info to your smartphone
Cate Mate C3000 cats, small dogs dry, moist 11.5 ounces of food Programmable, but no app

Petnet Smartfeeder

The Petnet Smartfeeder is an automatic feeder that syncs with an app on your smartphone so that you can feed your pet while you are away, schedule meals & portions, and receive alerts for meal times, food levels and SmartDelivery (pet food delivered to your home.)  Can interface with Alexa and Google Voice.

Price: $179.00


Petsafe Smart Feed

The Petsafe Smart Feed has built-in Wi-Fi to connect to your home’s router.  You can use the app to control meals, including customizing meal times and portions.  Receive alerts about eating habits.

Price: $189.95 


A cheaper alternative to the above two options, the Lebistro lets you program portions and meal times directly through the feeder.  There is no app to control the feeder.  Comes in two sizes: 18 cups and 30 cups.

Price: $47.79 for 18 cup; $69.95 for 30 cup


The WoPet is a smart feeder that contains an HD camera and 2-way audio so that you can view and talk to your pet during meal time when you are away from home.  App allows you to control feeding times and portions from you smartphone.  The camera can record your pet.

Price: $129.99 

Lusmo Feeder

The Lusmo is a popular Japanese smart feeder that is designed for cats and small dogs. While no app is available, you can program portions and mealtimes directly into the feeder. Available in several very bright colors. Please note that the instruction manual is only available in Japanese.

Price: $150 


Uk-based Sure Petcare’s smart feeder can detect your pet’s microchip or RFID collar tag to ensure the correct pet is given access to their food.  Microchipping is very common in the UK (it’s actually a law that dog’s must be microchipped), so this feature makes this a very popular item in England.  Available in four colors.  Not controlled via an app. Price: $149.99 

Serve Smart Feeder

New from Wagz, is a smart feeder featurinng video and 2-way audio, and alerts when running out of food. Can interface with pets wearing Wagz’s smart collar to make sure the correct pet is receiving food.

Price: $249 


A new smart water dispenser from the Pawbo division of Acer. This bowl will record your pet’s drinking patterns (amount & frequency) and notify you about irregularities.  Sounds like overkill, but is useful for older cats with renal problems.  Camera allows you to record your pet (only for pets using the iPuppyGo tracker.)  Holds 3 liters of water. Price: $229