Pet Tech Companies


Below is our list of pet technology companies that are changing the way people interact with their pets.

We define a pet technology business as a company that is using tech to power their core business serving pet owners. We have divided the companies into nine categories: pet cameras, pet trackers, smart feeders, tech toys, apps, miscellaneous pet gadgets (a catch all, including devices such smart kitty litter boxes and smart pet beds), pet services, pet health and pet food and monthly subscription delivery.

  Name HQ Location Products Notes
  Petcube San Francisco, CA Petcube play, Petcube bites  
  Petzila San Jose, CA Petzi treat cam acquired by Wagz in June 2018
  Petbot Toronto, Canada Petbot acquired by Petcube in June 2017
  MyPetKit NZ Mate currently only selling in New Zealand
  Tomofun Seattle, WA Furbo  
  Motorola Chicago, IL Scout 66  
Anser Innovation Minneapolis, MN Petchatz  
Tenvis Shenzhen, China Tenvis camera  
iCPooch Spokane, WA  iCPooch closed business in Dec 2016
  Pawbo, division of Acer New Taipei City, Taiwan Pawbo  
  Name HQ Location Product Notes
Whistle Labs San Francisco, CA Whistle 3  Acquired by Mars Healthcare in April 2016 for $116 million.
  Fitbark Kansas City, MO Fitbark 2  
  Tractive Pasching, Austria Tractive  
  PT Labs Dallas, TX Pawtracker  
  Petpace Burlington, MA PetPace  
  Nuzzle San Francisco, CA Nuzzle Went out of business in 2018
  Findster San Francisco, CA FindsterDuo  
  Wagz Hampton Falls, NH   Purchased Petzi treat cam in June 2018. Purchased the Link AKC collar in September 2018.
  Pod Trackers ANZ Ptd Ltd Milsons Point NSW, Australia Pod Tracker  
  Iotera Redwood City, CA Iota  
  Smart Pet Technologies llc Stamford, CT  LinkAKC collar Acquired by Wagz in September 2018.
  Petsimpl Dobbs Ferry, NY Pip  
  Barttron Inc Baltimore, MD Chord collar  Currently seeking funding on Indiegogo
  Felcana London, UK Felcana  
  Jagger & Lewis Lille, France Jagger & Lewis smart collar  
  MyPetKit New Zealand P2 Tracker  
  Garmin Olathe, KS    
  Trax Stockholm, Sweden    
  loc8tor Hertfordshire, UK    
Gibi Technologies Menlo Park, CA Gibi  
AgLogica Holdings Peachtree Corners, GA Vetrax Acquired by Hill’S Pet Nutrition in October 2018
Fi New York, NY Fi tracker $10 million in funding
  Waggit Boulder, CO Waggit tracker Shipped its 1,000 collar in Feb 2020
  Pawscout San Francisco, CA Pawscout smart tag Raised $3 million in a seed round in June 2019

  Name HQ Location Products Notes
Petnet Los Angeles, CA Smartfeeder, Smartbowl $10 million in Series A from Petco in 2016
  PestSafe Knoxville, TN Smart Feed  
  Aspen Pet Arlington, TX Lebistro programmable food dispenser Aspen Pet is a brand owned by PetMate
  WoPet Guangdong, China WOpet automatic feeders  
  Feed and Go Seattle, WA Feed and Go smart feeder Went out of business in 2019
  Petwant Shenzhen, China Petwant  
  JnB Innovation Toulouse, France Catspad Taking pre-orders (July 2018)
  Relenty Inc Nagoya, Japan Lusmo feeders  
  Sure Pet Care  Cambridge, UK microchip pet feeder sealed pet bowl  
  Wagz Hampton Falls, NH Serve smart feeder  
  Pawbo, division of Acer New Taipei City, Taiwan Pawbo Spring  
  Name HQ Location Products Notes
  Cleverpet  San Diego, CA  CleverPet Hub  
  Puppod  Kirkland, WA  Pupod Pet Tutor  
  Pebby  San Francisco, CA  Pebby Ball Questionable status based upon Kickstarter comments (Dec 2019)
  Sprite Robotics  Champaign, IL Petronics mousr  
  iFetch  Austin, TX  iFetch (3 versions)  
PlayDate  New York, NY PlayDate Crowd sourced over $800,000 on IndieGogo.  Has been in development since 2016
  GoBone Dallas, TX GoBone  
  Cheerble Shenzen, China WickedBone  

  Name HQ Location Description Notes
  PetDesk San Diego, CA Connects vet clinics with their customers  
  Pawprint San Francisco, CA Allows access to your pet’s medical records  
  Babelbark Newton, MA Connects to local pet businesses Secured $2.8 million in series A funding in February 2018.  Previously received $1.3 million in funding in October 2017.
  Well Informed Pet New York, NY Stores your pet’s health and wellness information  
  Fetch My Pet San Jose, CA Manage your pet’s life including products, services, vet records and reminders  
  PetCoach Wayne, PA Connects pet parents to vet professionals who help answer questions about pet health Purchased by Petco in April 2017
  Tailwise London, UK Matches prospective pet owners with ethical dog breeders Only in the UK
  Name HQ Location Description Notes
  Paws2Go Akron, OH Dog communication device  
  Petrics Wilmington, NC Smart pet bed  
  Tailio La Jolla, CA Health monitor for cats  
  Petwalk Solutions Neunkirchen, Austria High-end dog doors  
  AutoPets Auburn Hills, MI Litter-Robot, a self cleaning litter box Received $31 million investment from Pondera Holdings in Dec 2019
  GOAT pet Bloomfield Hills, MI Speakers for dog & cat collars Featured on a January 2018 episode of Shark Tank
  Sure Petcare (SureFlap)  Cambridge, UK Dog door  
   iCalmPet  Ashland, OR Speakers that play calming music for dogs and cats  
  Petnovations Phoenixville, PA CatGenie – a self washing kitty litter box  
  Unisys Blue Bell, PA Digi-Pet – an app that monitors pet while being transported in plane cargo hold  
  CarePod Signapore A smart pet carrier for air travel  
  Companion Labs San Francisco, CA A device that uses AI to train dogs  
  Name Location Description Notes
  Rover US & Canada Pet sitting, dog walking  
  Dogvacay US & Canada Pet sitting, dog walking acquired by Rover in 2017
  Wag US Dog sitting, dog walking  
  Fetch Pet Care US Pet sitting, dog walking  
  Holidog   Pet sitting, dog walking  
  Pawshake Australia Pet sitting, dog walking  
  MadPaws Australia Pet sitting, dog walking  
  Dogley Denmark, Norway, Sweden Dog walking  
  Petme Italy Pet sitting, dog walking  
  Tailster UK Dog boarding, dog walking  
  HouseMyDog UK Dog boarding, dog walking  
  Borrow my Doggy UK Dog sitting, dog walking  
  DogHero Brazil Dog sitting, dog walking Raised $12 million, including  $7 million from Rover in 2019
  Swifto NYC Dog walking  
  Urban Leash Chicago Dog walking  
  Walkio Nashville, Los Angeles, Atlanta On-demand dog walking  
  Woofadvisor Ireland Pet travel directory  
  BringFido Worldwide Pet travel directory  
  PetsyPyjamas UK Pet travel directory  
  Finding Rover US Pet facial recognition  
  Spoton US Uber for pet transport  
  Dogspot US Secure dog houses that are rented by the hour Formerly known as DogParker
  DogBuddy US Dog boarding, dog walking Acquired by Rover in October 2018
  PetHub US Pet tags with QR codes that help find lost pets  
  Petmasters US Online directory of pet services  
  Barkley Pets US On-demand dog walkers and pet sitters  
  PetBacker Singapore Platform for finding dog walkers and pet sitters  
  Good Dog US Platform for vetted dog breeders, shelters and rescues Raised $6.7 million in April 2019
  Name Location Description Notes
  Vets First Choice US Online pet pharmacy  
  FirstVet Sweden, Online vet consultations Secured $6 million in funding in 2018. Secured a series B funding of 18.5 million euros ($20.6 million) in 2019.
  Fuzzy US Online vet consultations Secured $12.5 million to date.  Acquired Fetch My Pet app in June 2019.
  Petriage US Online vet consultations Markets its services to vets
  Pet Coach US Online vet consultations Acquired by Petco in April 2017
  Chewy   Online pet pharmacy Acquired by PetSmart in 2017
  Wisdom Panel US, Canada, UK, Australia Dog DNA testing Owned by Mars Pet Care
  Petnostics US Pet health diagnostics Sells at-home urine test products
  PrettyLitter US Kitty-litter that can detect health problems in cats  
  Barkibu Spain Online vet consultations  
  ViaGen Pets US Pet cloning  
  Orivet US, Canada, UK & Australia Pet DNA testing  
  Wagmo US Wellness plans for dogs and cats Raised $3 million in Dec 2019
  Embark US Dog DNA testing  
  Pawsquad UK Online vet consultations  
  Mixlab US Custom pet meds & home delivery Raised $8.5 million in June 2019
  BasePaws US Pet DNA testing  
  One Health US Genetic testing & treatment for canine cancer  
  Vetted US On-demand, home vet visits Closed business in February 2020
  GuardianVets US After hour telemedicine service for vets Won the Purina Pet Innovation prize for 2019
  Televet US Telehealth platform for vets $2 million in funding in Jan 2020
  Sinogene China Pet cloning  
  Sooam South Korea Dog cloning Creating the largest cloning factory in China with Boyalife
  Perpetuate US Pet genetic preservation First step for pet cloning
  Modern Animal US Vet subscription plan raised $13.5 million in seed funding
  Small Door Vet US Vet subscription plan raised $3.5 million in seed funding
Name Location Description Notes
  Petplate US Home delivery of natural dog food Featured on Shark Tank (no deal)
Ollie US Home delivery of natural dog food customized for your dog $17 million in funding
Petflow US Home delivery of dog food
Barkbox US, Canada Monthly dog subscription box
Pupbox US Monthly subscription box for puppies
Pupjoy US Monthly dog subscription box
Tails.com UK, France Home delivery of healthy dog food customized for your dog
ButternutBox UK Home delivery of fresh cooked meals for dogs €21 million in funding
NomNomNow US Home delivery of natural meals for dogs & cats $13 million in funding
WebBox UK Home delivery of natural dog food & treats
The Farmers Dog US Homemade dog meals delivered to your home Received $39 million in funding in Jan 2019
KitNip Box US, Canada, Australia Monthly cat subscription box
Bella & Duke UK Home delivery of raw dog food
Hector Kitchen France Home delivery of croquettes
BullyMake US, Canada Monthly subscription box for bully sticks
PawPack US Monthly subscription box for dogs & cats
Wild Earth US Pet food created from Koji, a type of fungus Featured on Shark Tank
Bond Pets US Lab-created pet food Based in Boulder, CO (down the road from us!)
Barkyn Portugal Home delivery of dog food Added veterinary telehealth service in June 2020

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