Pet Trackers

Pet trackers are devices that allow you to pinpoint your pet’s location and monitor their daily activity. The trackers are either built into a collar or can be attached to an existing collar.

Whistle is the most popular pet tracker.

The first pet trackers were all about monitoring the location of your pet.  Newer models have more of a health focus, tracking things like activity levels, sleep habits, respiration and body temperature.

Check out our deep dive into Pet Tracker technology to see the differences between GPS, Bluetooth and Radio Frequency trackers.

In early 2020, Whistle Labs estimated that more than a million trackers have been sold industry-wide to date.

Name Technology Weight Battery Life For Price Monthly Cost
Whistle 3 GPS, Bluetooth & Wi-Fi .92 oz up to 7 days dogs, cats $99.99 $6.95 – $9.95
Pawtracker GPS 1.16 oz up to 10 days dogs, cats $99.95 $6.95 – $9.95
Fitbark 2 Bluetooth .28 oz up to 6 months dogs $69.95 none
LinkAKC GPS 4.8 oz up to 3 days dogs $99 $6.95 – $9.95
Tractive GPS 1.2 oz up to 5 days dogs, cats $74.99 $5 – 6.99
Nuzzle GPS & Bluetooth 1 oz up to 4 days dogs, cats $149.99 none
PetPace Wi-Fi 1.5 oz up to 21 days dogs, cats $159.95 $4
Findster Duo+ GPS 1.8 oz up to 5 days dogs, cats $74.99 none
Wagz GPS  tbd  tbd dogs $349.99  tbd
Pod 3 GPS, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 1.1 oz up to 5 days dogs, cats $89 none
Iota GPS 1.2 oz up to 5 days $74.99 none
Pip Tracker GPS 2 oz up to 60 days dogs, cats $249.99 none
Chord Collar GPS, Wi-Fi tbd tbd dogs, cats tbd tbd
Felcana Bluetooth, Wi-Fi dogs, cats £99.99 none
Jagger & Lewis Bluetooth, Wi-Fi 1.23 oz up to 5 days dogs €199 none
Garmin GPS 6.5 oz 20 hours dogs (up to 10) $599 none
Gibi GPS 1.5 oz 2 – 3 days dogs  $99.99  $9.99
BlueFang Bluetooth dogs  $149
Mishiko GPS 300 grams/10 oz up to 3 days dogs £99.99 none
Available in Europe and Russia
Waggit GPS, Bluetooth 3 oz up to 7 days dogs $249 Shipped its 1,000 collar in Feb 2020
Scollar GPS, Bluetooth 3 oz up to 7 days dogs Mini $119, Trek $149 shipping Spring 2019; accepting pre-orders
PuppTech GPS, Wifi 3 oz up to 7 days dogs $165 taking pre-orders
Maven PT GPS unknown unknown dogs unknown in development
Fi GPS, Bluetooth, WiFi unknown up to 3 months/td> dogs $149 $8
Pawscout Bluetooth .8 ounces up to 6 months/td> dogs, cats $22 none

Whistle 3

Tracks your pet’s daily activity and can set you alerts for significant changes. Get notified when your pet leaves their safe are.  Price: $99.99


Nice design with 3 color options. App allows you to track your pet’s activity and historical routed on your smart phone. Price: $99.95

Fitbark 2

Monitors your dog’s everyday activity and sleep. Very tiny and lightweight. Because it only uses bluetooth technology, it does not track your pet’s location.  Price: $69.95


Track your dog’s location and monitor their activity and health (including the ability to receive temperature alerts.)  Tracker comes with a leather collar.  Price: $99 


Features include virtual fence and alerts when your pet leaves the defined area, display of location history, sharing data with friends and family, and a waterproof cover. Price: $74.99 


Features include temperature monitoring, geofencing, activity monitor.  LED light and waterproof. Price: $149.99 


This device is intended more for monitoring your pet’s health than their location. The collar uses sensors to track temperature, activity, pulse, respiration, calories consumed, heart rate and other health-related statistics. Can send health alerts to your smartphone and to your vet’s office.

Price: $159.95 

Findster Duo+  

Features include activity tracking, virtual fence, walk history, shared access with family and friends.  No monthly fees. Price: $74.99 


Features include activity monitor, temperature alerts, LED display, geofence and invisible leash, and HD video streaming. Expected ship date July 31, 2018.  Price: $449 

Pod 3

Tiny device that can be used by small dogs and cats. GPS tracker, activity monitor, walk route recorder, virtual fences are among the features.

Price: $89 


out of stock ???   still in biz?  on  Price: $69 

Pip Tracker

Pip’s 60 day battery is by far the longest lasting battery among pet trackers.  Features include activity tracking and data sharing with friends and family. No monthly fees. Price: $249 


Currently seeking funding on Indiegogo, the Chord collar will focus on helping you train your pet. Other features will include health monitoring, invisible fence and lost pet finding service.

Price: tbd


Primarily focused on pet’s health, Felcana uses small beacons that can be placed around the home to track your pet’s activity.    Price: £99.99 

Jagger & Lewis

Another smart collar that focuses on the health of your dog, the Jagger & Lewis collar can detect abnormal or high-risk behavior and send alerts to your smartphone.

Price: £69 


Designed for tracking sporting dogs, the Garmin Astro can track up to 10 dogs at a time up to a distance of 9 miles. The device has special features for hunting and is compatible with other Garmin devices.  Price: $599.99 


Features include safe zones, location updates, tough -design and waterproof.  The Gibi was designed to help protect pets from loss and harm.  Price: $99 


The latest product from High Tech Pet is a smart collar that offers: remote training, containment, bark control, fitness system and pet door control (must use High Tech Pet’s pet door.)  All features controlled from your smart phone. Two cheaper versions of the collar are offered with less features. Price: $149.99 


Currently taking pre-orders on Indiegog, Waggit focuses on tracking a dog’s health, including stats on vitals, activity location and more.  Price: $249