Pet Tech Industry Overview


Overall Pet Industry & Demographics

According to the American Pet Products Association, there were approximately 90 million dogs and 94 million cats in the US in 2017.  There are 126 million households in the US, with 60 million having at least one dog (1.5 on average) and 47 million having at least one cat (2 per average.) 

Total US pet expenditures in 2017 was $77.13 billion. This amount is typically broken down into four categories: Pet food – $31.11 billion, Supplies/OTC medicine – $18.58 billion, Vet Care – $20.67 billion, and Pet Services – $6.77 billion.     

Pet Technology Industry

The Pet technology industry is primarily a subset of the $18.58 billion Supplies/OTC medicine category. This category includes items such as beds, leashes, collars and other durable goods (durable goods are items not for immediate consumption such as food and medicine.)  However, we define the pet tech category more broadly and also include pet services, pet health, eCommerce and subscription & food products.  Our definition of the pet technology industry includes companies whose core business uses technology to serve their pet-owning customers.  Below are the 10 categories that comprise the pet tech industry

Pet Cameras

  • Furbo
  • Petcube
  • Petzi

Pet Trackers

  • Whistle
  • Fitbark
  • Findster

Smart Feeders

  • Petnet
  • PetSafe
  • SureFeed

Tech Toys

  • Petronics
  • iFetch
  • GoBone

Misc Gadgets

  • CatGenie
  • SureFlap
  • iCalmDog


  • Pawprint
  • BabelBark
  • PetCoach

Pet Services

  • Rover
  • Wag
  • DogBuddy

Pet Health

  • PetCoach
  • VetsFirstChoice
  • Wisdom Panel


  • Chewy
  • Wag
  • BringFido

Subscription & Food

  • BarkBox
  • Ollie
  • PetFlow