Tech Toys

While the items listed below may not be as practical as pet trackers, cameras and feeders – they sure can be a lot of fun for you and your pet.

The most popular toy below is probably the least tech-focused – the iFetch automatic ball launcher.  While it is an electronic-powered ball launcher, we super-nerds would love to be able to control the launcher from an app on our phone.

The CleverPet Hub is the most intriguing toy as it is billed as the world’s first game console for dogs. Watching your dog solve puzzles on a device created by scientists makes you wonder if there is a limit as to what our beloved pets can do.


Name  Who For Description Notes lowest price
CleverPet Hub dogs Game console for dogs.  $299
Pupod Pet Tutor dogs Toy that teaches dogs to obtain treats  $179
Pebby Ball dogs, cats Smart ball that is controlled by an app Currently accepting pre-orders for 30% off (May 2018)  $189
Petronics mousr cat App controlled movable toy that has a flickable tail  $149
iFetch dogs Ball launcher for dogs  $199
PlayDate dogs, cats Pet camera in a smart ball Still in development. Updates on Indiegogo tbd
GoBone dogs App-enabled smart bone  $199
Wickedbone dogs App-enabled smart bone  $139

CleverPet Hub

Billed as the first game console for dogs, the CleverPet Hub is a really unique product. The hub has three touchpads that light up and a food dispenser which form the basis for a series of puzzles designed to challenge your dog.  You can track progress and change the puzzles using an app connected to the hub.

Price $299.00



A smartphone connected puzzle toy that allows dogs to earn treats from a human of the optional bluetooth feeder.   Price: $179 for PupPod only, $446 for PupPod & Pet Tutor bundle

Pebby Ball

A remote controlled companion ball that is controlled from your smart phone. Features include a built-in camera, laser, two-way audio and an auto-play mode. Also, can be combined with a smart collar to track and monitor your pet’s activity.

Price: $189


A toy that you can maneuver around a room using an app on your smart phone.  Comes with a variety of tail attachments to drive your cat crazy.

Price: $149


Ball launcher for dogs. Three models: the original for small and medium dogs, the iFetch too for medium to large breeds, and the Frenzy for small dogs. The Fenzy, doesn’t launch balls – the balls roll out of the base in a random direction.  Price: $115 for original, $199 for the Too, and $39 for the Frenzy 


Crowdsourced toy that will be a smart ball containing a camera. Has been under development since 2016.

Price: tbd 


Interactive app-enabled smart bone for dogs. It moves, spins and plays with your dog via controls on the app or in auto-play mode.

Price: $199