Modern Animal

Los Angeles, CA

Service: Vet subscription plan
Category: Pet Health
Competitors: Small Door

Founded: 2019
Number of Employees: 1 – 10
Estimated Annual Revenue:


Modern Animal is a veterinary services membership startup. The company is trying to create a subscription vet service, where members pay a monthly fee instead of the typical pay-per-visit model.

The company is based in Los Angeles and plans to open 50 physical locations with the next five years.

Modern Animal has an impressive team. The company was founded by Steven Eidelman, who previously founded the dog-tracker company Whistle, which he sold to Mars Petcare for $117 million in 2016.  Dr. Christie Long, the head of veterinary medicine, was the creator of the PetCoach app and then became director of veterinary medicine at Petco, after the large retailer purchased her app business.

NYC-based Small Door is a company with a similar plan intending to disrupt the veterinary services market.