Viagen Pets

Cedar Park, Texas


Service: Pet cloning
Category: Pet Health
Competitors: Sinogene,

Founded: 2002
Number of Employees: 11 – 50
Estimated Annual Revenue:


  • Cloned a black-footed ferret, an endangered species (Feb 2021)
  • Cloned a Przewalski horse, an endangered breed, from DNA preserved in 1980 (Sep 2020)
  • Cloned two Coton de Tulear puppies for Barbara Streisand

Viagen Pets is the US-based leader in pet cloning. The company clones dogs, cats and horses.

Offers several services: tissue banking, genetic preservation, dog, cat & horse cloning.

Express tissue banking is the taking of a pet’s tissue sample for possible future cloning. There is no guarantee that the tissue sample will eventually be able to be used to clone a pet.  The next step, genetic preservation, must be successfully completed to allow for cloning to occur.  Even then, the pet owner has the option to not move forward with the cloning process.

Viagen claims that it cloned the first US-born puppy in 2018, a Jack Russell Terrier named Nubia.