Rover, the not-quite-unicorn-status dog walking service, has expanded it’s offerings to include in-home pet grooming.

Rover claims that nearly half of dog owners use professional grooming services on a regular basis. However, the current salon-focused model is inconvenient for owners and stressful for dogs. Rover intends to disrupt the industry by sending vetted groomers to perform the service at the pet’s home.

The service is currently available in Seattle, Austin, Denver and Washington DC.

Prices start at $36 for a clean only and $63 for a haircut and clean.

This is a logical move for Rover, which previously has focused on pet walking and pet sitting. Because their existing customers purchase services through its app, Rover should easily be able to offer the new grooming service to their large user base.

According to the APPA, US consumers spent $6.7 billion on pet services in 2017. While I can’t find a breakdown of the different services included under this total, it appears to be made up primarily of dog walking, pet sitting & boarding, grooming and dog training. Rover now has three of these services covered. Perhaps someday pet owners will be able to schedule a puppy training session through the Rover app.