According to a new report from the Consumer Technology Association (CTA), interactive toys, smart feeders and pet health apps are the pet tech items pet owners say they are most likely to buy in the next year. CTA projects the US market for pet tech will sell 4.3 million units in 2018 (up 20% from 2017) and book $233 million in sales (up 18% from 2017).

Other takeaways from the report:

– 72% of pet owners plan to buy pet tech at a brick and mortar store, compared to 48% who plan to buy from an online-only store
– Dog owners say training is the biggest issue pet tech should solve, while cat owners say nutrition is their priority
– 46% of pet owners use an app that delivers pet health data directly to their vet
– 29% of pet owners use a pet DNA home testing kit

It should be noted that these percentages are based upon an online sample of 2,000 adults, not the general pet-owning public. The fact that group answered online may skew the results to a degree.

The full $2,000 report: Pet Technology: Ownership, Use and Perceptions can be purchased here.