Misc Pet Gadgets

Below are unique tech products that don’t fit into any of our other categories. From smart beds to ID controlled dog doors, most of these items use technology to expand new functionality into a common pet product.

Name Who For Description Price
Paws2Go dogs Dog-controlled doorbell and potty communication device. Dogs touch the the device when they need to go outside. Paws2Go will then flash blue lights, play back your personalized voice message and send a notification to your smart phone. $40
Petrics Smart Bed dogs, cats Smart bed that tracks your pet’s weight and sends messages to an app ships in late 2018
Tailio cats Health monitoring device that goes underneath a litter box and tracks your cat’s weight, frequency of visits, amount of waste, etc and sends data you your smart phone  $199
Petwalk dogs, cats High end dog doors that connects to an ID chip on your pet’s collar.  $1,754
Litter-Robot cats Self-cleaning litter box that can send alerts to your smart phone  $499
GOAT pet speakers dogs, cats, birds small speakers that clip to your pet’s collar, leash or bird cage.  $25
Sure Petflap dogs, cats Smart dog/cat door that connects to an ID chip on your pet’s collar  $256
iCalmPet speakers dogs, cats Small speakers that playing calming music for your dog or cat  $49.95
CatGenie litter box cats Self cleaning and self washing litter box  $234
Digi-Pet dogs, cats App that monitors pet while being transported in airplane cargo hold Not available for retail purchase, only available through select airlines
Mira-Pet dogs Electric toothbrush for dogs that uses ultrasound cleaning $239

Paws2Go Communication Device

Paws2Go is a communication device that allows your dog to notify you when he has to go outside. Train your dog to touch the device when they need to go outside. When activated, the device flashes a blue light, plays a recording of your voice and sends an alert to your smartphone.

Price: 39.99


Petrics Smart Pet Bed

Petrics is creating a smart bed that will track your pet’s weight and activity. The bed will also have a climate control feature. This data will connect to the Petrics pet health app on your smart phone.  The free app is already available and contains pet food & dietary info, FDA recall alerts and a scheduler.

Price: tbd



Tailio is a smart litter box – actually a device that sits under a standard litter box and tracks your cat’s weight, frequency and times of their toilet trips. This data is sent to an app which will alert the pet parent to changes in behavior or other causes of concern.

Price: $199


Petwalk is a custom designer of dog and cat doors. Not a simple flap, the doors are high quality and can be installed into walls, glass and human doors. Petwalk doors open and closes electronically via an RFID chip attached to your pet’s collar.  The door is also lockable and equipped with an alarm system.

Price: from $1,754


Litter-Robot is a self-cleaning litter box that can connect to your iPhone.

Price: $499

G.O.A.T. Pet Speaker

G.O.A.T. (Greatest Of All Time) pet speaker is a small sound speaker designed for dogs, cats and birds. The device can be attached to your pet’s collar and streams music via Bluetooth. The speaker comes with an app that runs on your smart phone. The speakers were featured on a January 2018 episode of Shark Tank, where Robert Herjavec ended up investing $499,000 for 33% of the business.

Price: $24.99 


SureFlap is a pet door designed for cat’s and small dogs. The door connects to a microchip on your pet’s collar to provide security and to allow monitoring of activity. The door can be remotely locked or unlocked via an app.

Price: from $99  

iCalmPet Speakers

iCalm speakers play calming music for dogs and cats.

Price: $49.95 


According to their website, CatGenie “acts like a cat box, cleans like an appliance and flushes like a toilet”. Instead of disposable kitty litter, CatGenie uses washable granules that are automatically cleaned instead of needing to be replaced.

Price: from $234  


Digi-Pet is a system that allows pet parents to monitor their pet while it is in the cargo hold of an airplane. Through a combination of sensors in the shipping container/kennel, data such as video, temperature and sound can be monitored through an app.  Pet parents can also use 2 way audio and video to communicate with their pet. This product isn’t available directly to consumers; rather, it is offered by an airline.

Price: n/a