Embark Veterinary

Boston, MA

Service: Dog DNA testing
Category: Pet Health
Competitors: Wisdom Health (Wisdom Panel)

Founded: 2015
Number of Employees: 11 – 50
Estimated Annual Revenue: $25 million


Embark is one of the two big pet DNA companies (Wisdom Panel being the other.)  The company was founded by brothers Ryan and Adam Boyko in 2015. The brothers are highly educated, spending time at Harvard, Yale, Cornell and Stanford.

The company offers two DNA kits:

  • Breed Identification Kit – $129
  • Breed + Health Kit – $199

Embark tests for over 250 breeds and 170 genetic health conditions. The kits are marketed to breeders, vets and pet owners.

The company has over $500,000 in monthly in sales on Amazon.