Los Angeles, CA

Service: Kitty litter that can detect health issues for cats

Category: Pet Health
Competitors: Petnostics,

Founded: 2015
Number of Employees: 11 – 50
Estimated Annual Revenue:


PrettyLitter is a LA-based startup that believes it has created a better kitty litter.

The product has three features the company feels improves on traditional cat litter:

  1. Made from lightweight, absorbent crystals that prevents odors and dust.
  2. Free home delivery.
  3. The crystals change colors in reaction to chemicals in cats’ urine (like markers for bladder or urinary tract infections.)

The health monitoring aspect of the litter is really interesting. This feature gives cat owners a way to help detect early signs of illness.

The company has received funding from Starting Line, a Chicago-based venture capital firm.