Boulder-based Bond Pet Foods, a biotech startup that uses fermentation to create animal-free pet food, announced the release of its first consumer product this week. The Protein-Packed Dog treat bar is a portable and sustainable snack that provides supplemental nutrition to a dog’s existing diet.

“With our proprietary approach, we’re producing proteins that are nutritionally identical to their meat counterparts without the environmental, animal welfare and safety downsides,” said Pernilla Audibert, co-founder and chief technical officer of Bond Pet Foods. “Utilizing microbial fermentation and the biochemistry of yeast, we’re harvesting cultured animal proteins like chicken, turkey and fish, without the animal, and then using the ingredients as the foundation of our complete recipes. Products made with these meat proteins will be commercially available within the next three years.”

Bond Pet Foods participated in Purina’s Pet Care Innovation Prize startup accelerator program in 2019, and in a seed funding round ending in early December 2019.