New Pet Tech from Wagz

A smart feeder that can talk to a smart collar

Wagz has added another product to their expanding family of pet tech goodies.

The Serve Smart Feeder is a programmable feeder that can deliver specific amounts of food even when nobody is home with your pet.

The device can send video and photos to your phone so you can watch all the action.

A built-in scale tracks how much food is eaten and can also detect when food levels are low and can automatically reorder food to be delivered to your doorstep.

The feeder can communicate with dogs wearing Wagz smart collar and give an extra portion to dogs who have had an extra busy day.

In addition to the feeder and the collar, Wagz also makes the Go smart pet door, the Petzi treat cam and the Roam smart beacon (a device that will keep your pets from going where they are not supposed to.)

All that is left for Wagz to invent is a smart pet toy that can interface with the collar and the treat cam.