Blue Fang 5 in 1 Tracker

Lots going on with this collar

The new Blue Fang collar has something for just about everyone.

Features include bark control, dog training, invisible fence containment, activity tracker and pet door control.

To use the fence and pet door features, you need to have the company’s electric fence and pet door installed. A transmitter in the collar opens the pet door and determines the location of the fence boundaries.

The training feature of the collar is based on the clicker training method: when your dog performs a desirable behavior, you press a button on a phone app to trigger a clicking sound from the collar and then praise and give a reward. The click makes it easier for the dog to associate their good behavior with the reward. The app also lets you vibrate or send a mild shock through the collar.

The bark control feature has three settings: 1) stop all barking, 2) allow intruder barking (urgent barking is allowed), and 3) stop all barking and howling.

The activity monitor feature uses an accelerometer in the collar to track your dog’s motion and display the calories burned and minutes of activity. The phone app keeps a record of these stats.

The BlueFang brand name is a play on the Bluetooth technology that powers the collar. The collar does not use GPS technology.

The BlueFang collar BF-30 is manufactured by Hi Tech Pet. They sell a range of pet doors, electronic dog fences and training collars.