What to Look for in a Dog Paw Cleaner


As all dog owners know, taking your dog on regular walks is important for keeping your pet happy and healthy.  However, it can be difficult to keep your pup clean during a walk. They are dogs after all, and they love to investigate every pile of dirt, puddle or messy area they encounter.

As such, you may need to figure out a good method for cleaning your dog’s paws after each walk.

You can use the DIY method – simply keep a towel or cloth near the door and wipe down your dog’s paws before they come back inside the house. Cheap and easy to implement.

For those who want a more advanced solution (or who have a pooch very prone to messy paws), there are several paw washer devices available to help with the task.  Paw washer devices, you say?  That’s right, you can actually purchase a product that will help you clean your dog’s paws.

Different Types of Dog Paw Cleaners

There are several different types of paw cleaners on the market.  None of these are really high-tech, but we like to keep track of many of the simpler pet tools available.  And who knows, maybe  someday, a clever pet parent will invent a Bluetooth-enabled, electronic paw cleaner with a built-in HD camera.

Washing Stations

A washing station is basically a covered tray of water with a round hole on the top.  You place your dog’s paw through the hole, and it gently rub it against the soft finger-like cleaning pad attached to the bottom of the tray.  Commence washing. The most popular washing station is the Paw Boss.



Paw Cleaner Cups

If you want something smaller than a washing station, consider a paw cleaner cup.  This is a plastic cup that has soft silicone bristles around the edges.  A paw cleaning cup will help you remove mud and dirt from your dog’s paws quickly and effectively without causing any discomfort or irritation to your pet. You place the cup over your dog’s paws, one at a time, and move the cup up and down to get rid of the dirt. These are a bit easier to use than the washing station because your dog can be more passive during the cleaning process.



Cleaning Brushes

Simply a soft brush that you can use on dirty paws.  Dip in some soapy water and, presto, your pooch will have the cleanest paws in town.

Cleaning Gloves

If you want to get a bit more involved than using a brush, a cleaning glove or mitt will allow for deep cleaning of dirty paws.  Typically made from micro-fibers, these are absorbent, quick-drying towels that soak up water and dirt like a sponge.



Cleaning Wipes

If you need not just to clean your dog’s paws, but to disinfect them as well, cleaning wipes are exactly what you are looking for.  Dogs can bring viruses and bacteria into your home.  Dog wipes can be purchased at Target, Walmart as well as PetSmart and Petco.  Many pet owners use deodorizing wipes to help alleviate the symptoms from allergies.  Keep in mind you should clean your dog’s paws with wipes made for dogs only. Cleaning your dog with baby wipes or antibacterial wipes made for humans may cause irritation and other problems for your pooch.


Cleaning Rugs, Pads and Mats

A paw cleaning rug, pad and mat is an ideal choice for dogs with a short coat. These products will quickly absorb the dirt as well as water from your dog’s feet. You can place a rug at your entrance. So, you will not have to worry that your dog can make your house dirty. The good news is that most paw cleaning pads are machined-washed.

Things to Consider When Picking a Dog Paw Cleaner

Cleaning your dog’s paws is a messy, but necessary job (if you want to keep your house clean that is.)

Each dog is different. That’s why a paw cleaner needs to be selected for each dog individually.   In order to find the most effective paw cleaner for your pet, you should consider the size of your dog’s paws as well as the length of fur on your pet’s legs.

How dirty does your dog get?  Where are you planning to walk with your dog – in the city or in the countryside? Do your fluffy friend’s paws emit any odor? Getting the answers to these questions will help you choose the best paw cleaners for your beloved dog.

A final consideration is the dog paw cleaner’s portability. Some tools are best suited for the house and others can be taken on the go.  Cleaning stations are not very portable, while paw cleaning cups can be kept in a car or easily fit in a backpack.  With a bit or research you can find the perfect solution.







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